KeraLase™ - Laser assisted infusion of growth factors to stimulate new hair growth for Men and Women

2021 Promotion

Experience The KeraLASE Advantage at Renew Medispa:

  • 6 sessions for $1560 ($260 each) + BONUS: 1 bottle of Shampoo/Conditioner


  • Single session (reg. price) - $500
  • Six sessions - $1560 ($260 each)

The pricing option appear after you fill out your name, email address and cell and click 'Go to next step (#2)'.

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  • An alternative to PRP (no needles, no blood draw, biomimetic growth factors-act the same as your own)
  • Contains no medications (rogaine, minoxidil etc.)
  • Based on 6 years of extensive research
  • 15 minute treatment time.
  • If you're not sure which option is best for you live chat (website), call us or schedule a consultation first
  • Take home serum for 15% off.

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